Forza Zion-2K30 Voltage Protector 1400 Joules

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Forza FVP-0200C Zion-2K30

The new Forza Zion-2K30 has unique features on the market: it can rotate up to 350 ° to allow you to accommodate your devices at the most suitable angle, without obstructing other power outlets. The practical on / off switch also helps to reduce unnecessary electricity consumption. Most importantly, the FVP Voltage Protector will automatically guard your equipment against brownouts or transient surges associated with lightning or power supply problems,

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Regulator Specifications
Output Contacts 2
Input voltage 110V
Output voltage 110V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Overload Capacity 1800 joules
Telephone Protection
Network Protection
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 120x45x69 mm
Weight 170 g


  • Protection

Protection against electric shock up to 18000 A.

  • Indicator

Light Protection indicator light .

  • Button

On / off button .

  • Coaxial protection Coaxial

line protection

  • Automatic Monitoring Automatic

monitoring function .

  • High Consumption Electronics

Ideal for high consumption electronic equipment

  • 350 Degree Rotation

Function of rotation up to 350 degrees.

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