iLuv Bubble Gum Talk Earbuds Headphones

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Flexible jelly-type stereo earphones with mic and remote for all iPhone generations, all iPod touch generations, all iPod nano generations, all iPad Air generations, all iPad generations, all Galaxy S series, all Galaxy Note series, all Galaxy Tab series, LG, HTC, and other smartphones, tablets, MP3 Players, and 3.5 mm Audio Devices.

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Add some flavor to your music with Bubble Gum Talk. These stereo earphones are available in six fun, playful colors to complement your style. The lightweight design and flexible earbuds provide a snug comfortable fit, while the high performance speakers deliver excellent audio quality. Bubble Gum Talk comes with a built-in mic and remote so that you can answer calls or change tracks seamlessly without taking out your phone.


Answer Calls and Change Tracks Easily


Your music keeps you moving and with Bubble Gum Talk, you never have to break stride. The built-in mic and remote allow you to easily change tracks: click once to play or pause and double click to skip to the next track. If you have an incoming call, you can click the remote to answer the call and hold a hands-free conversation.


Compatible with Apple and Android


Have an Apple phone but an Android tablet? Or vice-versa? Bubble Gum Talk is fully compatible with both Apple and Android so you don’t need to switch between different earphones for your devices. Just plug in and start listening.


Excellent Sound


Bubble Gum Talk is equipped with high performance speakers that provide extended frequency range and lower distortion. Enjoy crisp, clean audio quality when you listen to your favorite songs.



-Built-in microphone and remote for easy hands-free calling and music playback control
-High-performance speakers for extended frequency range and lower distortion
-3.5mm audio plug
-Ultra-lightweight, comfortable design
-Available in six fun colors



Apple® and Android™ smartphones and tablets, 3.5mm audio devices

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