JideTech VGA Video Splitter (1 to 2)

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Main features:

  • VGA Splitter 2 port, 1 vga input and 2 vga output, for duplicating images, can’t extend screen.
  • 450Mhz bandwidth, support 2048*1536@60Hz resolution, VGA output automatic distinguish DDC/DDC2/DDC2B, automatic adjust the display resolution.
  • Compatible with all VGA devices (PC Displayer, Projector, TV, Notebook, LED Display, Game consoles etc), can amplify video signal and transmission distance up to 60m.
  • This vga splitter can be daisy-chained to handle as many monitors as the installation requires, making an excellent solution for public broadcast system.
  • Widely used in public broadcasting, remote monitoring, classroom and training facilities.

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Product description:

Size Name:2 port 450MHz

2 Port VGA splitter with 450Mhz bandwidth support 2048*1536@60Hz resolution, used for duplicate screen.

· The VGA splitter can duplicate the video signal from any VGA, XGA, SVGA, UXGA to 2 vga outputs, and boost the video signal over a long distance up to 60m.
· There is an ON/OFF button on the splitter which can control any output port display or close.
· Daisy-chained can support up to much more displays, this function could solve much problem.
· This video splitter is widely used in broadcasting and enhancing video information to the public, monitoring your work environments from safe locations, or offering superior video for company or classroom training.

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