MagiDeal 4 to 8 Pin Motherboard Adapter

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  • Used when there is a 8 pin CPU power connector on new motherboard, but the old power supply just has a 4 pin connector
  • Providing a convenient solution for converting the ATX power supply’s 4 pin 12V connector into a 8 pin 12V motherboard CPU power connector
  • Connector A: 1 X ATX 12V P4 4 pin female, connector B: 1 X ATX 12V 8 pin male
  • Note: The connector is ATX 8pin, not pci-e 8 pin. It can only be used on the motherboard. If you plugged the 8pin connector in the graphics card, it will burn
  • Package include 2-pack 4-Pin female to 8-Pin male 8inch Motherboard CPU Power Adapter Cable

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